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Looking for live Tax Credit training? You have come to the right place! At Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc., we conduct both live workshops and special events. Also, be sure to check out our array of online courses where Elizabeth takes her years of experience in front of live audiences and puts them into incredibly interactive and informative courses you can take from your computer 24 hours a day... 7 days a week.

Plus, if you don't see what you are looking for...

Elizabeth also conducts private trainings and is available for speaking engagements!

State Agency Staff Receive FREE Training

I make all of my Housing Credit Online Training Center courses available to HFA staff members free of charge. It my way of showing my appreciation for all the hard work you and your staff do in the Housing Credit Program! Without your dedication, the program just wouldn’t work as well as it does. Anytime, now or in the future, that you need training for you or your staff… we are here! No strings attached!

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Live Workshops

Elizabeth has been conducting live training workshops all across the country for well over 15 years. Her experience, expertise and training style makes her the most sought after trainer in the industry. Today, with the opening of her Housing Credit Online Training Center, her schedule of live events has been greatly reduced as she has found the majority of students prefer to learn online, however she still schedules events each year so you can get your education in a live format.

2017 Schedule
  • Santa Rosa, CA: 5/17 -- Private Training

  • Wichita, KS: 8/23-24 -- Kansas Housing Resource Center Annual Conference

  • Madison, WI: 10/11 & 12 -- 2017 National Compliance Professional (NCP) Conference

Additional dates will be added. Working on solidifying our 2017 training schedule.
There is still time if you'd like Elizabeth to consider a specific location for a public workshop.
Please email her directly at elizabeth.moreland@housingcredits.com if you have any suggestions.


Interested in having Elizabeth speak at your event?


Contact us at customersupport@housingcredits.com  if you would like to have Elizabeth speak on a specific topic or deliver a keynote speech at your next event... . Elizabeth has an array of sessions she will conduct. CLICK HERE to see a list of session offerings. She will also create a specific session just for your event.

Private Event

We love working with private groups! Whether you are looking for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced course, we can meet your needs and goals. As these events are unique, please contact us at customersupport@housingcredits.com to discuss specifics. When contacting us, it is helpful to include the following information...

  • Desired dates and location

  • Number of days

  • Type of engagement... private training, speaking engagement or keynote speech

  • Training level... beginner, intermediate, or advanced

  • Agenda topics needed most

  • Whether you want a certification exam included

  • Number of expected attendees

  • Whether training will be open to public/area companies or private

  • Budget

Once this information is known, Elizabeth will submit a training proposal and craft an agenda for your approval.

“All of the questions I’ve asked in the past year and all of the headaches I’ve had trying to figure out what to do were answered in the 2 days! I should have taken this class last year!”  Kathleen Good, Leasing Consultant, Village Investments, Irvine, CA

“This seminar was totally a pleasant surprise! I imagined a boring lecture, but it is very hands on and open to discussion.”  Brian MacLeod, Asset Manager, Michel Assoc., Boston, MA

"The best interactive credit workshop out there!" Sharon Strange, Assistant VP Property Management, Gatehouse Mgmt., Boston, MA

"She breaks the rules down into pieces and then helps you put them back together so that you can see the entire puzzle and how each piece fits. Outstanding!" Cammi Ford, Controller, Meridian Group, Middleton, WI

"The best! Not afraid to share her opinion based on experience. Most trainers leave so many "gray" areas. They leave you more confused after the training than when you began… BUT NOT with this training!" Georgina Mascarennas, Property Manager, Eden Housing, Hayward, CA

“The idea of being able to meet other compliance professionals and to share concerns, ideas and differing opinions on compliance issues is great!” Maria Klause, Buckingham Companies, Business Mgr, Indianapolis, IN

Annual Conference for Affordable Housing Professionals